Hiring an Expert to Tackle a Termite Problem

Pest Control experts do not just kill termites, but they eliminate the entire termite colony, including those holed-up deep in the ground. But how can professionals provide a radically more effective solution, and so much more discreet, to such a problem? By feeding the colony with a substance that kills all its members.

It sounds simple but, in reality, it can be challenging to eliminate an entire termite colony with millions of members. This is due to the intelligence of the termites whose instinct systematically diverts them from dangerous substances. A termite control professional deters self-protection of the colonies, to eliminate all of their members.

The principle

To effectively eliminate termites, the first step is to concentrate them in large numbers in selected areas. These collection points are located both in the soil around the building and inside it if the termites have been detected inside or under the property. For this reason, the first step in the elimination of termites using trap “stations” at carefully selected locations.

Once termites have been intercepted, the actual elimination process can begin. The key lies in the choice of a formulation that acts with a delayed effect. If the product is sufficiently slowed, the termites that consume the formulation can head back to their colony before suffering the effects of the product.

This means that the termites can return to the colony to fulfill their duty of supplying food to other members. The only problem is that their food is replaced by the formulation.

Low environmental impact

The complete elimination of a termite colony is the main advantage proposed by a pest control expert. This option should not obscure the fact that, compared to a barrier technique, the application of the system significantly reduces the volume of toxic products. Technicians will recommend a specific solution adapted to each situation.

All anti-termite treatments are effective against more a dozen xylophagous (wood-eating) insects likely to attack a home. The outside traps will be directly planted in the ground at specific intervals. They are designed to detect the presence of termites. This control will be replaced by anti-termite products once the presence of termites is confirmed.

Homeowners will receive a control record for their property, which will detail their monitoring and control program. The termite and ant control technician will update this file with a report after each visit. He or she will also ensure that the property owner is kept up-to-date with the latest information.


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